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Creative Design

a professional development programme empowering you to think deeply about the connections between your personal creativity,

artistic practice and

long-term goals.










μoment creative is a program in which artists, performing art groups, producers and creative professionals are provided practical assistance, advice and motivation on navigating their own professional development in the arts. Each session encourages significant discussions and exchanges around creativity, inspiration and curiosity hoping to lead to productive reflections on the creative process.


With μoment Creative we aim to empower creative encounters between artists and creative professionals, foster discussions and raise questions driven by each artist's own artistic practice and personal creativity. At the same time it offers training development and business tools to enhance the required confidence and clarity to achieve their career goals in the arts world.


μoment Creative is a genuine attempt to create an advantageous, supportive and border-less artistic community of young and established artists, creative professionals and researchers working in the arts.  Indirect and long-term goal is to support the diffusion of information, networking and the interconnection of artists for the purpose of exchange of ideas and cooperation between artists residing in Greece, Cyprus and beyond.

The process

In any phase of your artistic career, you might need personalised advice, support, guidance or a space for reflection and brainstorming related to a production challenge, an artistic one, or simply a need to reflect on certain circumstances. μoment Creative establishes a supportive model of active listening, practical tools and creativity, and supports you to take action in your creative process. It also contributes towards making decisions, piloting new concepts, and moving forward.


Essentially, μC puts in a context the capabilities and broad spectrum of skills that artists and creatives already have but may not fully used in their professional career. You might need to discuss, brainstorm or further develop the idea for a new project, decide on your audience development strategy, research touring and funding opportunities, connect with the local communities or explore other topics you need support with.

Themes we can explore together

production planning

We unravel together the key steps for your next production, whether theatre, dance, an art exhibition, or even a festival

international collaborations

Building transnational collaborations with likeminded people and organisations

portfolio review, artist statement, website content

Step by step we can create a new or updating an existing portfolio, artist statement or website based to your current artistic identity


Helping with research on potential funding resources as well as reviewing and giving feedback on art project applications

innovative creative concepts

Though brainstorming we can think together or further develop an existing idea for a performance, a workshop, a residency or a festival

community outreach

Working with local communities developing fresh, engaging concepts

audience development

Developing long term relationships with your audiences; reaching out to new communities; project-based audience research

volunteers management

Starting or restructuring your organisation’s volunteer programme

any many more, depending on your current needs, challenges and ideas.

What we provide


Ideal if you need support with a specific issue that you are currently facing which can be discussed and resolved in a short amount of time, you can choose our one-off mentoring session.

90′ | online | Fee: 45e

package of 7

We will start by identifying your short and long-term goals and then meet regularly (appr. every 4 weeks) to strategise on the best ways how to turn those goals in reality.

75-90′ | online | Fee: 35e for each session

full day

The full day mentoring session is designed for individuals or a group of up to three people working together (collectives, art companies, festival, or project teams). Although using online platforms is possible, meeting in person is highly recommended.

5 to 7 hours. | Fee: 135e

exchange session

for art collectives, performing art companies & project teams. This intensive creative exchange, aims to prompt you to consider different perspectives, guide you towards solutions or challenge you to think both the creative and organisational elements of your practice. This specific service is provided only in person.

Contact me for more information and costs.

What People Say

I have benefited greatly from Constantina's knowledge of the cultural actors, institutions and opportunities in Europe, as well as her sensitivity and critical thinking.

I would recommend the μoment Creative program for anyone wishing to launch a project with an artistic aspect.

Maria X.

thank you for this wonderful mentoring programme, it has made such a difference in my life. Constantina is a great mentor and I am very happy that I could share my journey with her

Ilze R.

…honestly, the way we worked together was exactly what I needed. Thank you very much for your time, for the generosity, the positive energy and the trust that you showed me, which unlocked my potential in things that

I find challenging

Georgia H. Storyteller

Constantina is such a beautiful person and mentor! 

I have learned so much and acquired new helpful tools and knowledge that I ‘ve been missing in my creative process. I felt stuck and didn’t know how to proceed on a project I had in mind. Thanks to Constantina, I have now discovered new things I want to do as an artist!

Kalli Tarasidou

Hi, I'm Constantina, artist mentor & community artist with 14+ years of professional experience in the arts. I created μC because I am passionate in building new roadmaps and possibilities that can broaden artistic research, creativity and day to day processes. I deeply believe that through personalised mentoring, you can embrace the necessary time and space for nurturing your creativity, aesthetics and next steps, when you create a new concept as artists, as producers (or both). 



Constantina offers a unique approach as a mentor who knows the arts sector from the inside. She’s been an international creative producer for over over a decade, being now an artist mentor and a community artist herself. 

She is familiar with a broad range of creative production for performances, festivals and community projects. Constantina understands the importance of giving room for experimentation, curiosity and imagination, as well as time for more solid input and strategic planning that extends across the artistic vision, production needs and the genuine engagement of audiences. 

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